Scippis Cruiser jacket

Item NameScippis Cruiser jacket
Short DescriptionThe original Australian motorcycle jacket in the style of the 60s.
Product InformationThe original Australian motorcycle jacket,
is not only known to motorcyclists, it is also a real cult object for men and women whose heart hangs on the style of the 60s.

Robust workmanship, quilted shoulder and elbow patches make the biker look perfect. Stylishly, the whole thing is complemented by the adjustable stand-up collar with high-quality leather trim and the circumferential waist belt.

12oz heavyweight Dri-Tec Oilskin

Oilskin Story
The use of Oilskin began in the early eighteenth century, when British sailors had to prepare against the extreme weather conditions on their arduous route from England to Australia. They needed protective, weatherproof clothing that was windproof and kept dry. Therefore, used canvas cloths were drenched in linen barrels with linseed oil, making the first step towards water-repellent and windproof clothing.
Over the years, and with the steamboat era beginning, many of these sailors settled in the Australian outback and found new activity as Stockman or Drover (Australian names for drovers). The original waterproof cloak has been converted into a riding cloak with shoulder scarf since then is the "Traditional Coat" a common picture. The so-called Oilskins were further developed for their new task as weatherproof work clothes on land and it was the today's Dri-Tec Oilskin.

Oilskin production and materials
Even today, the cotton fabrics are soaked in oil in the traditional process, just like the sails almost 300 years ago. Under tons of rollers then the excess oil is pressed out of the cotton fabrics again.
This procedure ensures that the material retains its desired properties over a longer period of time. Post-impregnation is not necessary over a period of several years. In contrast to other natural impregnations, the oil circulates in the fabric and thus flows independently in places with high stress and abrasion. The fabric therefore always remains soft and flexible, the wax layer does not break and remains windproof and waterproof at critical points.
For the production of Oilskin products only natural raw materials are used, which are environmentally friendly in the production and processing. So all produced Oilskin products of the brands Bushskins and Scippis consist of a pure, especially densely woven 100% cotton. The use of synthetic fibers is omitted. The Dri-Tec dyeing process is also carried out using the most modern technical possibilities. Here, reactive colors are used, which are currently the most environmentally friendly commercial colors. The fabrics are treated with an oil-wax mixture that is odorless (unlike most British wax jackets) and skin-friendly. An important aspect of this impregnation is the breathability of Dri-Tec Oilskin. It keeps you warm, dry and protects against extreme weather conditions.
The jacket is closed with robust press studs, which have already proven themselves in the toughest applications.

12 oz heavyweight / 8 oz lightweight Dri-Tec Oilskin is a 100% cotton fabric impregnated with microcrystalline and paraffin wax, and is specially made for our SCIPPIS and BUSH-SKINS brands.
This type of oilskin is extremely water-repellent, especially wind-impermeable and breathable. Compared to current, lighter hitech / membrane outdoor garments, which are often fragile, Oilskin has no problems with thorny scrub cracks or burn sparks from campfire or other forces of nature.

4.5 oz lightweight Fortress is a very lightweight, microporous wax / acrylic impregnated 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is made of a special tightly woven fiber making it extremely durable and waterproof in conjunction with Fortress.
Attention: The Fortress-Ware is not to be confused with the traditional Oilskin-Ware! Please do not treat with oilskin care (reproofing wax).
Oilskin uses
The Oilskin material has been developed over the years. During this time, many uses were discovered, as the material is extremely durable, robust and practical. There are virtually no limits to the field of application. It meets the requirements of many customers. Examples include Western and equestrian sports, hunting and fishing, and outdoor, as well as fashion.

Oilskin care
Oilskin products are extremely easy to care for and uncomplicated. The characteristic patina formation belongs to a real "oilskin". Emerged dirt is best removed with a soft or medium brush. In case of heavy soiling, it is recommended to soak the dirty area with clear, cold water and rub it with another part of the oilskin outer material to loosen the dirt. For the care it needs no special detergent. Soap or other detergent substances would attack the impregnation.

For drying, the Oilskin products are simply hung in a ventilated place (no heating or drying, the material becomes brittle). In the event of wear and tear of the impregnation at particularly stressed areas, of course, post-impregnation is possible. For this special Reproofing Wax is offered

Important information:

Do not wash in the washing machineDo not clean Do not wash with soap or other means Do not tumble dry or dry on an open fire Avoid contact with acids, alkalis, fertilizers or other chemical agentsWash off immediately with lukewarm water. Never wash with hot water. Clean sheepskin lining professionally, otherwise cold to wash Please note that the oilskins may be slightly oily when unpacked and have an odor of oil. These are the normal characteristics of the substance. By simply hanging, the odor evaporates and the fabric dries.

Oilskin-selling points:

Made in Australiabewährte cuts for more than 100 yearsFunctional and fashionable design at the same time, easy care, by simply washing with cold waterWeatherproof, odorless, extremely robust and breathable materialVery high quality and ecological materials and workmanship