Pop-up beach shell

Item NamePop-up beach shell
Short Description-Pop up function
-Sunscreen (UV 80+)
-Weatherproof polyester
-Gender weight
-With carrying bag
Product InformationSelf-building beach shell for the holidays by the sea

Build your screen for the beach in seconds!
Just take this pop up beach shell out of its carrying bag, loosen the attachment and the beach tent will pop up.
The stable made of sturdy polyester offers reliable protection against sun, UV rays and wind. The beach shell also serves as a screen
and protection against flying sand and can then be stowed in a few simple steps to save space.

Overview of Pop Up Beach Shell

Made of sturdy polyester

Beach shell as a flexible sunscreen
Protection against UV radiation USF 80+,
Water repellent, 300mm water column,
2 small pockets for keys or mobile phone,
Quick and easy to stow in a carrying case,
Choice of 3 bright colors

1 pop up beach shell
mounting material