Triangular awning 300 cm

Item NameTriangular awning 300 cm
Short DescriptionMultifunctional and easy-care awning
Product InformationMultifunctional and easy-care awning

The large sun sail with eyelets can be hung both indoors and outdoors. In the garden, it provides reliable shade. The sail protects not only you and your children from a sunstroke, but also rabbits and guinea pigs in freewheeling from dangerous heat. Due to its triangular design, it can be stretched over the desired area over a large area and fastened with ropes. In your apartment, the awning works as an original eye-catcher. It is made of polyester, is water-repellent and weather- and UV-resistant.

Reliable shade dispenser.

Decoration also for the apartment: Subtle alternative to the canopy over the bed

Bright and practical awning

Solid colors - does not fade so fast
Tender beige adapts to any style effortlessly
Shadow dispensers on the beach, while barbecuing, in a deck chair, at a picnic or trampolining
Spare small animals dangerous heat: Sails can be easily mounted over the spout
Can be transported in the included carrying bag and taken on vacation


1x awning
3x tensioning cables
1x carrying bag made of PVC
without decoration