Luxury beach lounger adjustable

Item NameLuxury beach lounger adjustable
Short DescriptionBeach lounger repeatedly adjustable blue-white
Product InformationLuxury beach lounger for relaxing holidays

Finally arrived in Germany -
the ultimate luxury beach lounger for laid-back
Holiday, the short break after work
or as a comfortable travel mattress for beach
and camping.

The upholstered beach chair
has joints at the head, back and
and footrest, each 5x
are adjustable. This fits the
Beach chair the respective situation optimally
at. Whether sleeping or reading position -
this universal talent will be you, too
delight. Universally applicable in
Garden, beach, camping, pool, vacation,
Motor home or as a travel mattress.
No matter what background is available,
This padded (10cm) beach lounger
can be used almost everywhere.

This luxury beach lounger has over
a powder-coated metal frame
and seawater resistant, washable
Nylon fabric (class 4-5) with very high
UV light resistance. The usage
Made of high quality foam ensures
maximum sleeping and sitting comfort.

Important NOTE:
This beach chair is not an air mattress
and therefore not suitable for use in water.

Head part, back part and foot part each 5-fold adjustable,
powder-coated, padded metal frame,
seawater resistant 300D nylon fabric,
Color blue-white,
extra thick and comfortable (height 10cm),
including black tote bag further

Color: blue-white