Why you need iNumr?
Why you need iNumr?


There are countless ways to use numbers.

The iNumr platform clearly assigns your number to you. You just have to be the first to claim it.


Your number is a space for your ideas and contents. Create a blog directly in your number! Your ideas have now a number and you can share them with your friends - just send them your number or a link to your number. Print the QR code with your number and share it.


- Your number is unique and belongs only to you - Worldwide! -







Your number has a name

As soon as you have claimed your number, it can be found and called directly over the search field. Your number also has contents, which can be searched for and found by the keywords. When you search for your keywords, your number will be displayed in the search results. The order of search results is sorted by popularity of your content. If your number has more Likes than other number profiles, than your number profile appears further up in the search results. In any case your number is unique worldwide and the advantage is that when you enter your number directly into the search field, it is called up immediately.

You can simply register your desired number by typing it into the search field, and if it is still available, the system will display it. Take your or your childrens date of birth, your phone number, or your favorite number. If your desired number is still available, then take it. Leading zeros can be added later in the profile editor (-0-1012017), so that you register your desired number without leading zeros.

Do you have an idea?

Then it needs a number. How many ideas do we all have, which come to us and often forgotten?-Not anymore! Create now a number profile for your idea. Your idea has now a world-wide unique number and you can share it with other people in a unique way!

Just send the number of your idea and everyone who opens your number will find your idea and you can share it with others.









Advertising for your company

All companies have WWW- and email addresses, hotlines, postal addresses and much more other conceivable contact information, which is often hard to pass on and is unmanageable. Why does your company not have simply a number  which can be found worldwide? Now it is possible over the Worldwide iNumr number-platform-network to link your number with you or your company and this worldwide!



- Simply send your number to your customers -





Trademark rights for your number

There are trademark rights for names, words etc. But what about your number? Is your number protected? Once you have registered your number on the iNumr-Platform, it belongs to you only all over the world.

You produce a product, which has a specific number? Register your number now, which is associated with your product and upload a picture of your product. Simply share your number of your product and everybody can find your product through your number.


Create your own numeric Brand

Your number is also your own brand. Your company can now also have a number, in addition to its brand name, under which it is immediately clearly identified.








What can you do now with your number?

The most important feature of your number is a meaningful picture. The entire platform represents all numbers as same size, equalized, rectangles, into which the image is loaded. The more interesting your image, the greater the probability of being seeing in the word search results.

Furthermore, your number is a direct reference to your website. Link your number to your website. You can enter two links in your number profile. A link is the URL that is called when your visitor clicks on the title of the number profile and the other link is for the picture.

Let a YouTube video play in your number profile - Just enter the link in the appropriate field. The Likes can be activated or deactivated. Activate the comment function so that visitors of your number profile can leave comments on your number article. Also activate the chat and chat with your visitors directly in your number. Share the QR code that leads directly to your number.

By the way, you are currently in the number #9 and this is also an example of how your number might look.


What could you do with your number soon?
You will be able to offer and sell your products and services directly in your number. An article database with shopping cart and ordering process will be available In each number and that means, each number will be also a shop if you enable it. In addition, a mobile app is in development, with which you can communicate directly over your number with others via text or speech - worldwide.






The profile owner is responsible for the profile contents