The number platform iNumr is a new project, run by an international internet team, composed of project members in different countries, which tries to realize an idea:


Owning numbers.

Who actually own the numbers? Who is, for example, connected with the number 737373737? If one has a number, then it is also possible to connect with it tangible and intangible goods, thoughts, even ourselves, and if this is standardized on a world-wide level, new possibilities of communication are opening up. Bring your company, your product, your hobby, your thoughts and just everything you can imagine in connection with your number.



What is the use of numbers?
You place your information in an unusual way. You can simply distribute your information by means of your number, for example with your telephone number, a date of birth or simply a number that you like and which belongs to you - Worldwide. Write an article and assign it to a unique number worldwide. Your article is then connected worldwide with this and yes, with your number, and you can distribute your number anywhere. Everyone knows, this number belongs to you. Link and link over your number for your company, your idea or your information. There are countless application possibilities for the iNumr platform and will soon be published in other articles on other number profiles. Do you have an idea? Secure your world-wide unique number to your name and apply your idea.

Your number, than you worldwide.
Due to the iNumr platform it is now possible to have unique numbers worldwide.
If your number is searched for, your article will be found by you and you will be unmistakably associated with your number. Your number is world-wide unique and belongs only to you and is desired, increases its value and you are free to keep them or to sell to a prospective buyer.

Your number is linked to a picture, a video, and at least two links that lead to external content related to your article. The main content text directly represents the information to which your number is to be linked. You can freely customize the main content text as long as it does not represent any infringing content.

The current version of the iNumr platform is still in the initial stage and is constantly being improved. Also the tiler view will soon be expanded by further display modes, so that the numbers further useful uses are obtained. In principle, the iNumr project does not aim to become a high-end multimedia platform - it is mainly about the worldwide and unique possession of numbers.

Your content is searched and found!
The contents of you are searched and found in two different ways. Once by the direct input of your number - whereby one reaches directly to your number profile. Furthermore, you can create keywords in your number profile, which then at a addict your number with number picture in the search results appear. The number profile is also relevant for the search results. The search results are calculated according to the amount of positive notes obtained descending.

Take your number now!
Your number is unique and belongs only to you!
Through the purchase process of your number, it gets a value right at the beginning. Your number is a value bearer. Only in the initial phase of the iNumr project are occasional numbers distributed free of charge.



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